About us

Stylish Rack is an exciting online clothing store located in the U.S quickly emerging as a global brand. We hunt down fantastic deals on new and exciting clothing from across the globe. We offer competitive pricing on all our items and are strongly focused on building a solid relationship with our customers.

We believe in keeping things simple: progressive wardrobe sold at a fair price. Our team of industry veterans is constantly adding new designs to stay on the forefront of fashion. Style is always evolving, and so are we.

Traditional retailers mark up their products 5-8x. Our business lets us sell the same quality directly to you for a fraction of the price.

How We Do It

We sell online-only, and use no retailers. This way we can avoid the huge markups associated with traditional retail.
We work directly with our factory to create quality garments and product a limited quantity to avoid markdowns or overstocking

 Any queries or questions? support@stylishrack.com 

We are located in the U.S and our customer service department is open Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM (Eastern Time Zone) Please give us as much information as possible regarding your order so that we can direct you to the right department.

Stylish Rack offers FREE shipping on ALL orders $75 dollars or more. Destinations we regularly ship to include; USA, NZ, Australia, The UK, Mexico, South Africa, India, Ireland and the rest of the EU.